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Tips for Cleaning Up After Water Damage in Scottsdale, AZ

Many of us have never had to deal with the damages that can occur when a flood occurs within your home, but when it does it can have serious affects on you and your family. Below are some tips that can help you handle this situation if it were to ever occur.

1.) Disconnect any and all power to avoid any damages that can occur due to water and electricity combining. Also, make sure to move anything that is moveable and get it out of the water and out of the way.

2.) Get rid of the water! If possible, take buckets and scoop away or even run to your local hardware store and buy a pump to help get that water out asap.

3.) Try to dry out the area that is affected. The use of fans and dehumidifiers can help this process as well as opening windows and doors to allow air circulation. Also, make sure to check floorboards and trim around the house.. you may need to remove them to help dry out otherwise you may need to tear it all up and replace it.

4.) Disinfect all items that you are able to! This can help reduce the risk of mold growing, contaminating and spreading throughout the affected area.

5.) After all is cleaned up and items have been moved out of the way, call your professional carpet cleaner and see what they are able to do for you and your soaked carpets.

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