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Keeping a house clean with Pets in Cave Creek, AZ

Many of us homeowners have been through the dilemma of trying to keep our house clean and juggling having messy pets. We found some great information on how you can get the best of both words, having clean carpets and an animal inside. Here are some of them...

1.) Vacuum and clean up pet hair weekly. "A quality vacuum cleaner is an essential tool in your campaign to lift pet hair from your home. If anyone in the household is asthmatic or prone to allergies, get a vacuum with a high-grade filter. The filter helps keep the microscopic allergens sucked up by the vacuum safely inside the machine."

2.) Avoid feeding your pet on carpets or high traffic areas. Essentially the best places are either outside or on a tiled area, this allows for easier clean up of spills or spots,

3.) Make sure you research your options for bed bedding and do not hesitate to keep your pets off of couches, beds and such. This can help eliminate the spread of hair and dander throughout the house, making it harder to keep your carpets and flooring clean.

4.) Have a professional carpet cleaner come out and clean up major stains such as urine and vomit. Also have them do regular cleanings to help eliminate the risk of allergens and bacteria going deep into your carpet fibers.

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