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Healthy and Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning in Peoria, AZ

Many people worry that having their carpets professionally cleaned may interfere with the health and safety of their animal or animals. This is a common apprehension that many people have and can be easily resolved when asking the professional company about the products they use. Of course there may be some companies out there that are using "old school" ways of cleaning and have yet to change their products to eco-friendly or green products. The easiest and most painless way to find out  is to simply ask! Our company, C & R Plus II prides ourselves on the fact that your animals (as well as infants/babies) are safe around our products. The are eco-friendly and we tend to stay away from severe or harsh products that can cause irritation. Some of our products are even made by small mom and pop shops right here in the Valley!

So do not let your worries of safety stop you from getting your carpets clean and healthy again!

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