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Clean Carpet Information in Phoenix, Az

Dirt is not our friend! Especially when it comes to our homes and keeping things clean.. It dulls the look and feel of carpets, makes your home look sub-par and can also make you feel unhealthy. But not to fear... here are some tips that can help you take back control of your carpets in between your professional carpet cleanings. The first and one of the most important up keeping tips is to vacuum often!! This can not be stressed enough, the cleaner that you keep your carpets.. the better your professional can help them clean up. Vacuuming your high traffic areas and rugs at least twice a week can help you tremendously because the dirtier your carpets or rugs get, the more dirt wears down your carpet fibers and allows stains to be much more of a problem. Another tip along with this is to make sure that you are cleaning out your vacuums as well, the more dirt you put in.. the more worn the bags get and can stop working altogether. So maintain your vacuuming and your vacuum.

Next, make sure that you keep a regular carpet cleaner. One that is professional, educated and has experience in the field. The best way to have a great clean is when someone uses truck mounted equipment. This is because it gets a better clean, keeps carpets dryer and also exhausts dirty air. These professionals will typically use a hot water extraction method of cleaning, which allows for a hot rinse solution to be used under high pressure to pull out that dirt and imperfections.

After you've done these different tips and techniques, you'll have cleaner carpets and a feeling of relief knowing that your carpets are fresh and will last long , as long as you help maintain them!

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