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Best Carpet Cleaning Tips In Scottsdale, Az

There are so many different tips and tricks on the internet these days that it can become overwhelming when trying to seek a solution to your carpet cleaning issue. Today we have a couple of handy things that can help you maintain a decent looking carpet in between your professional carpet cleanings.

1.) If anything is spilled, make sure that you take caution to blot the area and not to rub. The reasoning behind this is because it will be easier for the cleaner to get rid of the spot(s) on the surface if you blot rather than deep down in the carpet fibers.

2.) Make sure to vacuum your carpets regularly because this not only helps keep the carpet looking aesthetically pleasing, it will help soak up bacteria, dust and particles that may stay in your carpets until they are professionally done. (Up to 80% of carpet dirt is loose and removable with regular vacuuming.)

3.) Rotate your furniture around and keep door mats or mats around high areas of foot traffic. These two things can essentially help your carpets stay fresher, longer because the more caution you put into making sure traffic areas are maintained, the easier the clean up for your carpet cleaner.

4.) Last but not least... Have a professional come in and clean your carpets regularly. ( As well as rugs, furniture and more!)


All of these different things can help you keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh! It just takes some time and effort in order to maintain your carpets and in the end everyone wins!


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